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100+ Famous Discoveries and Inventions

Famous Discoveries and Inventions

Famous Discoveries and Inventions

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We have compiled the list of 100+ famous discoveries and inventions. We have added life changing invention and their inventors with the Country and Year of the inventions on this page. Please check below for the Discoveries and Invention’s list –

List Of 100 Famous Discoveries and Inventions


Invention Inventor Country Year
Thermometer Galileo Italy 1593
Knitting Machine William Lee England 1589
Telescope Hans Lippershey Netherland 1608
 Calculating Machine Blaise Pascal France 1642
Pendulum Clock Christian Huygens Netherland 1656
Pressure Cooker Denis Papin France 1675
Steam Engine Thomas Newcomen England 1712
Mercury Thermometer Gabriel Fahrenheit Germany 1714
Parachute Louis Lenormand France 1783
Power Loom Edmund Cartwright England 1785
Sewing Machine Thomas Saint England 1790


Invention Inventor Country Year
Electric Battery Count Alessandro Volta Italy 1800
Steam Locomotive Richard Trevithick England 1804
Bicycle Karl von Sauerbronn Germany 1816
Camera Joseph Niepce France 1822
Digital Calculator Charles Babbage England 1823
Electromagnet William Sturgeon England 1825
Photograph (permanent) Joseph Niepce France 1826
Match John Walker England 1827
Blast Furnace  James Neilson Scotland 1828
Revolver Samuel Colt USA 1836
Telegraph Samuel F.B.Morse USA 1837
Vulcanized Rubber Charles Goodyear USA 1839
Safety Match Gustave Pasch Sweden 1844
Sewing Machine Elias Howe USA 1846
Safety Pin Walter Hunt USA 1849
Bunsen Burner Robert Bunsen Germany 1855
Refrigerator Ferdinand Carre France 1858
Washing Machine Hamilton Smith USA 1858
Rapid fire Gun Richard Gatling USA 1862
Dynamite Alfred Nobel Sweden 1866
Typewriter Christoper Sholes (USA 1867
Telephone Alexander Graham Bell Scotland 1876
Phonograph Thomas Edison USA 1877
Microphone David Edward Hughes USA 1878
Fountain Pen Lewis Waterman USA 1884
Motorcycle  Edward Butler (England 1885
Vacuum Flask William Stanley USA 1885
Electric Transformer Schuyler Wheeler USA 1886
Gramophone Emile Berliner Germany/USA 1887
Motor-car engine  Gottlieb Daimler & Karl Benz Germany 1887
Kodak Camera  George Eastman USA 1888
Zip fastener Whitcomb Judson USA 1892
Wireless Guglielmo Marconi Italy 1895
Safety Razor King C. Gillette USA 1895
Diesel Engine Rudolf Diesel Germany 1897
Submarine John P. Holland Ireland/USA 1898
Tape Recorder Waldemar Poulsen Denmark 1899


Invention Inventor Country Year
Aeroplane Wilbur & Orville Wright USA 1903
Tank Ernest Swinton England 1914
Automatic Rifle John Browning USA 1918
Television John Logie Baird Scotland 1925
Rocket (liquid fuel) Robert H. Goddard USA 1926
Jet Engine Frank Whittle England 1930
Nylon  Wallace Carothers USA 1935
Radar Robert Watson Watt Scotland 1935
Auto-digital Computer Howard Aiken USA 1944
Microwave oven, Percy Spencer 1946
Electronic Computer J. Presper Eckert & John W. Mauchly USA 1946
Transistor  John Bardeen, Walter Brattain & William Shockley USA 1948
Long Playing Record Chester Carlson USA 1948
Solar Battery D. Pearson, C. Fuller & G. Pearson USA 1954
Contraceptive pill Gregory Pincus & others USA 1955
Videotape recording A. Poniatoff USA 1956
Laser Theodore Maiman USA 1960


Invention Inventor Country Year
Radium Marie and Pierrie Curie
Adhesive Tape Richard G. Drew
Blue Jeans  Levi Strauss
Basketball Game James Naismith
Barometer Torricelli
Bismuth  Valentine
Celluloid A.Parker
Cement Joseph Aspdin
Chronometer John Harrison
Crescograph  J.C.Bose
CAT-Scans ( Diagnostic X-Ray systems ) Robert Ledley
Dynamo Michael Faraday
Electric Lamp Thomas alva Edison
Electric razor  Jacob Schick
Electro-cardiograph William Einthoven
Existence of isotopes Frederick Soddy
Four blood groups  Karl Landsteiner
Glider Sir George Caley
Law of gravitation Sir Isaac Newton
Laws of floating bodies Archimedes
Manganese Gahn
Microscope Aaton Van Leewen Hock
Nickel Cronstledt
Nuclear reactor Enrico Ferni
Nylon Dr.Wallace H.Carors
Ory of relativity Albert Einstein
Radio valve Sir J.A.Fleming
Radioactivity Henry Bacquerel
Rayon Sir Joseph Swann
Refrigerator J.Perkins
Safety matches J.E.Lundstrom
Sodium Sir Humphry Davy
Spinning frame Sir Richard Arkwright
Steam engine James Watt
Stethoscope William Stockes
Vulcanised rubber Charles Goodyear

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